EXPRESS YOUR SELF...IE: Tips for Upping Your Selfie Game

Ahh, the selfie! That ever important staple of any social media account. Showing our true selves to the world in our most natural environment with the best of lighting, at the perfect angle, finished with the most flattering filter possible.

Though it has gained some popularity relatively recently, the very first selfie was actually taken 177 years ago in 1839, by photographer Robert Cornelius. His historical photo was conceivably presented with the hashtag: #AphotographOfOneselfTakenByOneself, which never really caught on.

In honor of #NationalSelfieDay earlier this week, we have put together some tips on taking and posting the perfect selfie. Use these tips and enter our selfie contests on Facebook and Instagram! Random winner to be announced next week.

Here are six ways to take your strengthen your selfie game.

First. Take multiples shots
You want to have enough images to chose from in hopes of getting the perfect, post-able photo. A good rule of thumb is to take more than three, less than 72. Post the best and toss the rest.

2. Consider it from every angle
The camera angle is a very important element in any selfie. Find your best point-of-view by practicing in the mirror or with test shots. Your best angle is individual to you and once you have found your most "likable" angle, remember it for all future selfies. One can never have too many pictures of themselves in the exact same pose. If you are unsure of your best angle, go for the one that is most flattering for just about all of us; slight tilt toward the camera, from an upward angle. Keep in mind, features which are closer to the lens will appear larger, and straight-on shots can flatten and widen the subject.

C. Be creative
A good selfie does not always include a face. Get an interesting shot of your feet/legs on a machine at the gym, a hiking trail or the beach; your hands holding a flower or a fave NFP product. Photograph your reflection in something other than a mirror. Shoot for compositions that are rarely seen on social media, such as your tanned legs in the foreground, overlooking an ocean horizon.

Tip N°4. Don't be selfie-ish
Remember, when it comes to selfies, two heads are sometimes better than one. Pose with a pal, include your pet and always embrace the photo bomb. Tag your selfie sidekick or for double the fun, your K9 pal – y our dog is on IG, right?!

V. Hashtags are king
Make sure you include aspects of your physical attributes, mood, and activity in your post description as hashtags; (e.g. If you are making duck lips** make sure you notify your audience by including #ducklips followed by #duckpout). Hashtags are valuable for people who are searching for particular characteristics or subjects on social media. It doesn't hurt to include your hobbies, occupation, and interests along with any other information that could make your description longer and more engrossing.

Lastly. Don’t take your selfie so seriously
We are having fun with this shamelessly sarcastic article, but in all seriousness, don't be so serious! Some of the most liked selfies are those that show our goofy side. So don't be afraid to cross your eyes, raise an eyebrow, or sport your signature silly face.

Now you're ready to take your selfie to the next level. We hope our satire on the subject of selfies made you #LOL, or at least, LOI (Laugh on the inside).

Be sure to enter our NFP Selfie Contestfor your chance to #WIN #FREE #NFPgear!

**according to our extensive research the "Duck Pout" is out.