The Movement is growing!

NFP Gear is proud to sponsor two competitions this weekend: The Spring 2015 Backyard Power Weekend presented by Madtown Fitness and the United Powerlifting Association (UPA) National Championship.

NFP representatives will be present at BOTH meets this weekend. Make sure you stop by the NFP Gear booth for free samples, the opportunity to purchase NEW gear, or just to learn more about The Movement. See you there!

2015 UPA Powerlifting & Bench Press National Championship

NFP Gear is proud to be the title sponsor of the 2015 UPA Powerlifting & Bench Press National Championship, which is taking place at the Grand River Center in Dubuque, Iowa. Three NFP Gear sponsored athletes will participate in the Full Power Men's competition: Josh Kubeck, Matt Claussen, and Sergio Luna.

Participants will compete in one of 6 categories:

  • Full Power Men
  • Full Power Women
  • Bench Only Men
  • Bench Only Women
  • Raw (Unequipped)
  • Equipped

Both male and female participants have weighed in and are eligible to compete in one of several weight classes, ranging from 97 pounds, to Super Heavy Weight (SHW):

MEN: 114, 123, 132, 148, 165, 181, 198, 220, 242, 275, 308, SHW

WOMEN: 97, 105, 114, 123, 132, 148, 165, 181, 198,, and SHW

Awards will be given for those placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in Men’s & Women’s Open division by weight class & total. Additionally, participants may also compete for a best lifter award by the Schwartz Formula.

Spring 2015 Backyard Power Weekend

This strongman and powerlifting competition will take place today and tomorrow at Madtown Fitness, located in Madison, Wis. NFP Gear athlete Brad Neitzel has been training with incredible discipline and he's ready to compete. 

For those of you just wanting to show your support for these amazing athletes, there’s room on the floor to cheer them on! Just pay a $5 spectator fee at the door.

The Strongman portion of the competition will take place on Saturday, April 18th. Participants will compete in one of five categories in this order:

1. Men's Novice
2. Women's Novice
3. Men's Intermediate
4. Women's Open
5. Men's Open

On Sunday, April 19th the Powerlifters compete in one of several weight categories:

MEN: 114, 123, 132, 148, 165, 181, 198, 220, 242, 275, 308, SHW (Super Heavy Weight)

WOMEN: 97, 105, 114, 123, 132, 148, 165, 181, 198, 220 and 221+

Powerlifters can choose to compete in a single event, or in all events, which include:

Push Pull

Bench Only

Deadlift Only


The top three competitors in the open category will be awarded prizes:

1st : trophy + $100
2nd : medal + $50
3rd: medal

Other divisions will have medals for first place overall, and for first in weight-class. To earn these, the participant must finish ahead of all competitors in your weight class and must finish ahead of at least two people.

The roster for the strongman event is as follows:

Jasiu Raczynski (Novice)
Matt Roeske (Novice)
James Taulbee (Novice)
Robert Schuster (Novice)
Chris Redd (Novice)
Paul Nagorski (Novice)
Gage Abrahams (Intermediate)
Mike Hamilton (Intermediate)
Cory Mueller (Intermediate)
Kevin McHugh (Intermediate)
Dean Coverdale (Intermediate)
Tye Rauls (Intermediate)
Tim Stradlie (Intermediate)
Kye Leystra (Open)
Justin Passe (Open)
Adam Derks (Open)
Brad Neitzel (Open)
Joe Oakland (Open)
Bryan Spakowicz

Tricia Suess (Novice)
Deb McNally (Novice)
Janel DeZarn (Novice)
Kelly Brill (Novice)
Janel DeZarn (Novice)
Karlee Simkowski (Novice)
Jenny Patten (Novice)
Becca Abrahams (Open)
Corinna Senn (Open)
Sateash Hime (Open)
Erin Walterman (Open)
Josie Bennett
Jackie Schommer
Nikki Goldapske

The roster for the powerlifting events is as follows:

Josh Kuester: 148 FP
Ed Kovacs: 165 FP
Cole Weber: 165 FP
Tyler Smith: 165 DO
Josh Webber: 181 FP
Jeff Lawrence: 181 FP
Kyle Mickelson: 181 FP
Logan VanDerWielen: 181 FP
Brandon Swinbank: 181 FP
Donald Dedrickson: 181 FP
Darian Dalsen: 181 PP
Nate Leonard: 181 PP
Scott Hubert: 181 DO
Kevin Visser: 198 FP
Tyler Courtier: 198 FP
Jared Miles: 198 FP
Guy Alicea-Reed: 198 PP
Ryan Gray: 198 FP
Del Bauer: 198 FP
Benjamin Boettcher: 220 FP
Ed Bree: 220 FP
Joe Allen: 220 FP
Mike Sonneveldt: 220 FP
DJ Spurling: 220 FP
Matt Sharafinski: 242 FP
Zak Kujawa: 242 FP
Paul Sorenson: 242 FP
Juan Castro: 242 FP
Dylan Ali: 242 FP
Sean Stranga: 242 FP
Mitch Tagliapietra: 242 FP
Jesse Kaser: 242 FP
Brian Naidicz: 242 FP
Thomas Van Gent: 242 FP
Adam Derks: 242 FP
Jody McCullough: 275 FP
Brad Saunders: 275 FP(E)
Andy Rodriguez: 275 FP
Santino VanDerWielen: 275 FP
Matthew Kile: 275 FP
Antonio Covelli: 308 PP

Lianna Schwalenberg: 123 FP
Silver Moua: 123 FP
ChangMee Lor: 123 FP
Deb Pirkel: 148 FP
Jing Peng: 148 FP
Lynn Podkomorski: 148 FP
Kearney Carpenter: 148 FP
Eva Hambrick: 165 FP
Amy Lee-Castro: 165 FP
Kaila Abrahams: 165 FP
Melissa DeJesus: 165 FP
Melissa Sonneveldt: 165 FP
Catharin Chenoweth: 181 FP
Beth McBride: 198 FP
McKenna VanDerWielen: N/A DO