NFP Gear is pleased to announce the 2016 launch of the new NFP Sponsor a Soldier Warrior Recognition Program. Each month we will provide a deployed or recently deployed service member with a care package of NFP Gear supplements and clothing.  

Many members of the New Found Power Movement have a close relationship with the US Military -- whether they are veterans, actively serving, or have close friends or family who serve. At NFP Gear, we believe those who protect our Great Country, are the epitome of bravery. These men and women sacrifice of themselves to protect the freedoms and security of all Americans and we could not be more grateful.

The NFP Sponsor a Soldier Warrior Recognition Program represents our effort to support our US Military Members. We can’t repay them for their sacrifice, but we can pay tribute to our Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors with this small token of our sincere appreciation. We hope these gifts of sports supplements and apparel will provide some relief to those living without the comforts of home.

This January, we would like to honor Army1st Lieutenant Joshua Dunleavy, who recently returned from a tour in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

1LT Dunleavy was nominated by fellow 1st Lieutenant J. Wyatt Harper, who selected him because “When it comes to being a Soldier and a leader, Dunleavy is high speed as they come, but he never misses an opportunity to insert an expertly timed joke in a tough situation.” 1LT Harper continued, “His combination of reliability and humor made tough missions and difficult days bearable. We’ll miss having him in the company.”

Currently, 1LT Dunleavy is attending the Logistics Captain's Career Course at Fort Lee in Virginia. After this assignment, he aspires to be a company commander in the 82nd Airborne Division. However, he said if that doesn’t work out, there’s always learning to surf while serving in Hawaii.

While surfing the waves in the Pacific sounds tempting, it wasn’t what first drew him to the military. 1LT Dunleavy’s family ties to the military go back to to World War II. In addition to that legacy, he said “Having the opportunity to lead men and women in combat is what made me decide on becoming an officer.”

Individuals like 1LT Dunleavy, who are committed to serving the greater good, are the driving force behind New Found Power and the NFP Movement.

Please join us in honoring these deserving individuals by nominating a deployed, or recently deployed service member. Each month we will randomly select one of these individuals for the NFP Sponsor a Soldier Warrior Recognition Program and he or she will receive a care package.

To nominate a service member or inquire about the NFP Sponsor a Soldier Warrior Recognition Program, contact support@nfpgear.com. Please include the service member’s name, contact information, and a brief explanation of why you wish to nominate him or her.