Four months into NFP Gear’s Sponsor a Soldier Program, we are still amazed and humbled by the bravery, determination, and self-sacrifice embodied by the Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors who have been nominated.

This April, the Sponsor a Soldier honoree is United States Marine Staff Sergeant Gilbert Estela. Estela is an Aviation Quality Assurance Representative currently stationed in Bahrain, a Naval base in the Persian Gulf.

Since his military career began, SSgt Estela has pursued excellence. As a college student, he joined the Marine Corps seeking direction, and is pleased with the results. “The Marine Corps has given me all of the tools to be a better person, leader, and member of society,” said SSgt Estela.

As a Staff Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), he aims to use the skills he has developed to shape tomorrow’s military.

“I would like to pursue the Marine Corps Warrant Officer Program,” Estela said. “I would also like become a Marine Corps Drill Instructor and be able to teach and guide new and junior Marines alike.”

While SSgt Estela could easily attribute his success to hard work and dedication to his craft, he’s thankful for the support offered by those who don’t necessarily put on a uniform, but rather serve as battle buddies from the homefront.

“I want to thank everyone who provides support to our servicemembers,” Estela said. “I want to thank my wife Jennie and my son Mason for being the foundation in my life and the support I need to serve our country.”

Fellow Marine Gunnery Sergeant DJ McMurtrie nominated Estela because “... not only is he one of the most hard working and dedicated Marines that I have had the pleasure to work with, his moral character and unselfishness is second to none,” GySgt McMurtrie said. “He deserves to get a little something for giving so much every day.

GySgt McMurtrie added with a laugh, “Plus, I’m tired of dropping the weight every time it’s his set. He needs to catch up.”

Staff Sergeant Estela’s dedication to his country and his family embody what it means to be a United States Marine. Please join NFP Gear as we say, “Thank you for your service, SSgt Estela.”

The NFP Sponsor A Soldier Program represents our effort to support our US Military Members. We can’t repay them for their sacrifice, but we can pay tribute to our Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors with this small token of our sincere appreciation. We hope these gifts of supplements and clothing will provide some relief to those living without the comforts of home.

To nominate a service member or inquire about the NFP Sponsor a Soldier program, contact support@nfpgear.com. Submissions received by the 15th will be considered for the current month’s program honoree. Please include the service member’s name, contact information, and a brief explanation of why you wish to nominate him or her.