As the month comes to a close, we are eager to announce February’s sponsored soldier: Private First Class Matthew Honour.

PFC Honour is currently serving our country overseas in Afghanistan where he continues to “work hard and diligently for myself, my battles, my chain of command, my family, our fallen heroes, and the United States of America.”

A member of Honour’s command team, 1LT Robert Sypole, nominated PFC Honour for NFP’s Sponsor A Soldier Warrior Recognition Program. 1LT Sypole gives his Soldier high praise not only for his drive as a Soldier, but as an athlete. “He is one of the best Soldiers I have and is motivated and dedicated to become bigger and stronger than he has ever been before.”

Though many service men and women set their sights on joining the military immediately after graduating high school or college, PFC Honour took his oath later than most. At 25 years old, he was having trouble finding career fulfillment as a civilian.

“I was just kind of ‘there,’ Honour said. “I wanted to do something worthwhile -- something not many people do. I wanted to be somebody who could be proud of himself, look back, and say, ‘I did it.’”

In retrospect, Honour said he wishes he would have become a soldier sooner, but he is quickly making up for lost time. “Within the next year or two I will be working hard to become a [Non-Commissioned Officer]. Maybe at some point, I’ll look into going Green to Gold,” Honour said.

The Green to Gold Active Duty Option Program provides enlisted Soldiers a pathway to earn their baccalaureate or two-year graduate degree. After receiving their degrees, eligible soldiers will earn a commission, becoming Army Officers.

Currently, PFC Honour serves as a Mortuary Affairs Specialist. As such, he has the great honor and responsibility of locating and caring for deceased Soldiers until they reach their final resting places.

PFC Honour is just one of many service men and women serving Our Country at home and abroad. As they fight to preserve our freedoms, we’re proud to offer our support and gratitude from home. On behalf of the team at NFP Gear and all the members of The Movement, thank you, PFC Matthew Honour for your service.

The NFP Sponsor A Soldier Program represents our effort to support our US Military Members. We can’t repay them for their sacrifice, but we can pay tribute to our Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors with this small token of our sincere appreciation. We hope these gifts of supplements and clothing will provide some relief to those living without the comforts of home.

To nominate a service member or inquire about the NFP Sponsor a Soldier program, contact support@nfpgear.com. Please include the service member’s name, contact information, and a brief explanation of why you wish to nominate him or her.