Thomas McMurtrie struggled with weight and body-image through his teens and early 20's to the point that it began to define him. If only that slouched and depressed man in his mirror, could see how far he has come. His rise has been rapid and calculated, he has declared war on his former-self and created a new person with his unshakable determination and sheer willpower. Through his transformation, Thomas has regained his self-worth and garnered the well deserved respect of others, today we commend him for all of his hard work.

October 9, 2014 was the day Thomas saw his reflection and decided to give up old habits and start a new lifestyle – one that revolved around his health. This was the day he would stop tearing himself down and start rebuilding his body in the gym and in the kitchen.

Those first few days back in the gym he endured aching muscles and painful realizations. At that point, thoughts of giving-in must have crept into his mind but he persevered. Because on the other end of all that pain was his reward. In just a few months, Thomas made profound improvements to his physique. He rapidly shed fat and sculpted his body with hard-earned muscle. He began to relinquish his guarded, lone-wolf attitude and offer up words of encouragement and advice to others. This once insecure kid, is now motivation for those around him.

We are proud that Thomas has chosen NFP supplements throughout his journey “I take NFP supplements because I don’t have to second guess [whether or not] what I am taking is good for my body.” Thomas said. “They make me a better athlete by helping me recover faster. IC Red, which is the best pre workout I've ever taken, helps me get into the zone and the proteins sufficiently feed my muscles.”

This transformation is nothing short of remarkable, but it wasn't "easy". Along with giving up beer and processed foods, he puts in time at the gym six days a week. “When I am exhausted the thing that makes me go - is the thought of failing myself. " Thomas not only recreated his body, he rebuilt his self-image, he is no longer that man he saw in the mirror on October 9th. What he feels, when he wakes up every day is pride and the mantra running through his head each morning: "Stronger Than Yesterday"

Athlete: Thomas McMurtrie

Starting weight: 226 Today’s weight: 195 Current Body Fat %: 11.2

Fitness Philosophy: “Only you can overcome your barriers. What you put into it is what you are going to get out of it. If you’re serious about dramatic changes and seeing results then it needs to become a lifestyle that you implement into your all-day, everyday life – not just for a part of your day.”

Favorite Inspirational Quotes:

“I am ‘Stronger Than Yesterday’”

“Pain is weakness leaving the body.”

Favorite Workout Track: Before I Forget by Slipknot

Workout Routine: 6 nights a week, you can find Thomas at Anytime Fitness in Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

  • 1.Check weight
  • 2.Stretch/ Warm-up
  • 3.Heavy lifts
  • 4. Cardio
  • 5. Abs

Supplement Schedule:

Morning: Shred XD (alternating months), Activate Creatine (before breakfast), Complete Protein (with breakfast) and, AndroTest (with breakfast)

Midday: AndroTest (with lunch)

Evening: Goliath Protein (1 hour before lifting, alternating months), IC Red (right before lifting), Revolution 360 (after lifting), Unbreakable BCAAs (after lifting), AndroTest (with dinner)

Current Focus: “I am working out on improving my routines by getting timing down on my lifts and really focusing on the muscle group I am working on. I am making sure I am pushing every muscle fiber to the extreme.”

Advice for Others: “Only YOU can change what you want to change. Hard work and determination pays off in the end. Never get discouraged if something is not going the way you want. Turn it into a fuel to burn the next day to push you harder.”

Thomas ' story is a testament to everyone, especially those who are not so comfortable in their own skin. To those who think they cannot achieve a body to be proud of; Thomas proves that once you have cemented the decision to make a change, you are unstoppable and those changes will transform you inside and out. So what are YOU waiting for?

Thomas is New Found Power. Join him. Join the Movement.