IC Red - Pre-Workout

Brand: NFP Labs
SKU: SD1001
size: 4.00 W × 6.00 H × 4.00 L


It's time to reach your full potential!

Fast-acting IC RedTM one-of-a-kind formula to take your performance to the next level.*

IC Red is a rapid-response powder for superior energy, endurance and performance that gives you the edge to exceed your personal best.*

Taking IC Red supports:

  • Relentless Endurance*
  • Dramatic Pumps*
  • Improved Mental Focus*
  • Increased Strength*
  • No Crash

Be empowered, jump higher, run faster and train better!*

This potent, proprietary blend is specially formulated to work harder, allowing you supersede your goals every single time you take it!*

IC Red is everything you could want from a pre workout and/or energy supplement.

We've packed IC Red's great tasting, advanced formula with only the highest quality ingredients to:

  • Assist with Improved Energy
  • Aids in Increased Anaerobic Capacity of Muscle Tissue*
  • Helps Fight Fatigue*
  • Delivers Amplified Vascularity and Improved Blood Flow
  • Assists with Improved Energy*

Make your body give more than you've ever thought possible with IC Red.*

With IC Red, you can optimize your workouts to build maximum lean muscle without the typical crash.*

When you're serious, you don't cut corners in your workout. We developed IC Red with the same results-focused mindset so that you can experience unmatched strength and performance.*

Feel the instant effects of IC Red!*

Every container provides you with 60 scoops, 30 full servings of active ingredients. You won't find fillers here!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Disclaimer: The following reviews are the opinions of the individuals stating their experiences with the product.

Only pre workout I use
Written by Ryan on 24th Nov 2017

I was introduced by a coworker to try out some samples of the IC red and haven’t changed ever since. Perfect taste and the right amount of pump to get me going and focused. Would highly recommend

My go to pre workout
Written by adam bauer on 9th Oct 2017

Ive reviewed this before but it bears repeating. This is by far the best pre workout i have taken. No severe spike or crash with it.

I keep coming back
Written by Zach on 19th May 2017

I really like IC Red. I just started getting serious (relative to me) with weight training back in November and IC Red has fueled all my work outs. I keep going back for more. It is smooth and tastes great. My work outs are about 90 - 120 minutes on average and I am fueled all the way through!

Best pre-workout on the market
Written by Logan on 24th Apr 2017

I have been powerlifting for about 3 years and lifting weights longer than that. I have wasted my money on many pre-workouts that either don't work or are just packed with caffeine. This pre-workout is the perfect blend. I don't get a rush, I get a sense of concentrated energy and focus. IC Red is truly the greatest pre-workout on the market!

Best pre workout on the market
Written by Logan on 25th Dec 2016

I have tried my fair share of pre workout over the years and I either feel nothing or it hits me like a ton of bricks. IC Red is by far the best pre workout I have ever used. It gives me a level of concentration like nothing I have ever taken. It's not only the perfect product but it's fairly priced. This is an all around great product and I recommend it to everyone I know!

Solid pre-workout
Written by Matt W on 8th Nov 2016

Very impressed with quality of the product. I've tried C4, Super Pump Maxx, etc and they all taper off with extended use. For me this usually happens at about day 30 taking it 3-4x/week. but I haven't reached that point yet and I'm on about day 45-50. So I'm very happy to spend money on something I can use and get results for a longer period of time.

IC Red!!
Written by Dan C on 5th Sep 2016

Best pre-workout around by far. No jitters, great focus and amazing pumps!

The only one that works!
Written by Cheryl Wirz on 14th Jun 2016

My husband has been lifting for 35 years and this is literally the ONLY pre-workout that he has ever been happy with - he actually feels it.

The best pre-workout on the market
Written by Tim Anderson on 8th Feb 2016

I love IC Red! It gets me fired up and pumped for both my powerlifting workouts and my CrossFit wods. I'd recommend it to everyone!

Best preworkout!
Written by undefined on 6th Feb 2016

I've used Cellucore products in the past and IC Red far exceeds C4. Plus, IC Red is less expensive and tastes 10x better!!

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