Three kinds of protein for ultimate effectiveness. New chocolate flavor is said to be the best in the industry! NFP Complete Protein Supplement Facts
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NFP Complete - Protein Blend - Chocolate Shake

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Feed your muscles for increased lean mass and improved performance*

NFP Complete Protein contains a powerful blend of three premium proteins

NFP Complete Protein's triple-blend formula of high quality proteins is specifically designed to be absorbed at varying rates to provide sustained benefits throughout your day. Complete with a full amino acid profile, it is the muscle building boost you need to achieve remarkable results.*

Protein is crucial for muscle development

Protein is one of the most important substances for muscle building, recovery, and maintenance. Protein is not stored in the body, therefore it is one of the most crucial supplements for athletes to employ.*

WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE is fast-acting, quickly digested protein that allows for maximum protein benefit before and after workouts. The processing method of Whey Protein Isolate results in a product with a higher concentration of protein than other whey protein.*

WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE is a nutrient-rich form of protein that is closer to the natural state of whey protein. Whey protein concentrate absorbs quickly allowing your body to maximize its benefits before and after a workout. Whey protein concentrate also helps to boost production of glutathione, the body's master antioxidant. This protein form also includes a variety of protein sub-fractions, many of which have significant biologic activity and health benefits.*

MICELLAR CASEIN is a more slowly digested form of protein. Its time-released formula allows the amino acids and protein to provide hours of muscle building, repair and maintenance. Using micellar casein supports long-term muscle building and helps feed your muscles throughout the day.*


NFP Complete Protein provides a full amino acid profile, including 5800 milligrams of BCAAs (branch chain amino acids), which are not produced by the body. Research shows that BCAAs stimulate protein syntheses, reduce protein break-down, and help prevent catabolism (the breakdown of muscle tissue).*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cu

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Taste. Feeling.
Written by David Edwards on 29th Aug 2017

This is by far one of the best tasting and easily mixed proteins I've ever had and I feel like I'm actually recovering properly and completely when I drink NFP Protein!

Great product
Written by Ryan on 27th Jun 2017

Mixes great. Taste great with water or even better with almond milk and dry peanut butter. I order this along with the vanilla twice a month. I love it and the company.

Best tasting chocolate Protien
Written by Jesse on 25th May 2017

Taste great mixes well, taste great with water but even better with milk and a teaspoon of peanutbutter.

Written by Cheryl Wirz on 14th Jun 2016

I had been using the vanilla for the last couple years, and I loved it - but then this came along and now I'm in heaven! NFP whey is the best! It shakes so easy, it's smooth never chalky like most of the others, no aftertaste, and it's not chock full of sugar like most other whey. I had a hard time getting to my goals and was shocked when I started paying attention to the amount of carbs/sugars in other whey! I absolutely love this.

By far best
Written by Bob Mann on 22nd May 2016

I have tried many different protein mixes over many years. Some outrageously priced chain store brands and also ultra cheap brands. This mixes really well, tastes great but the main reason I really recommend it is because it works. I have been using it after workouts for about 4 months. Strength and muscle tone has noticeably improved. The properties of this protein complex are far better than any of the others and the price is about 40% less than the last mix I used. I'm in my mid 50's , looking to stay toned and in shape and this stuff makes a huge difference for me. That and these people are personable and very helpful.

Written by Liz on 29th Feb 2016

I've tried so many protein shakes and this is honestly the best one!!!

I've tried the rest but I found the best
Written by Hezekiah on 24th Feb 2016

Ok, for those of you who are not sure if you want to try NFP products maybe I can help you with that. I have been using their products going on a year now, but since I am talking about this particular product it has been truly, by far one of the best protein products that I have found on the market today. I have not only gained lean muscle mass but it also has helped improve my performance and strength by 80% so far. Before I used to hit the gym and take other protein drinks, only to feel bloated 30 minutes later. With the NFP complete protein, I feel none of that. This protein blend is a clean based protein drink with no extra added junk that my body, or my muscles need, that's why I know that their products are the real deal. With that said, a person still needs to incorporate a proper diet in order to get the full results so the protein can do the job it's suppose to do. I love both the vanilla and chocolate and I am torn between which flavor because they nailed the flavor of both. Try their products and I am sure you would see results just as I have. I rated this a 5 because I have also tried their other products and it has given me nothing but great results.

THE Best!
Written by Stephanie Thies on 22nd Feb 2016

I am in love with this chocolate protein, by FAR the best tasting around! On it's own or mixed with an individual coffee packet, iced coffee house mocha at home without the carbs and ALL the protein!!!

Best damn chocolate protien
Written by undefined on 12th Jan 2016

If you have ever wondered what chocolately protein heaven tested like, you have found. Great taste, mixes well, add peanut butter and you'll loose your mind.

Written by undefined on 18th Nov 2015

This is by far the best tasting chocolate protein I have ever had! NFP has done it once again. Love the products!!!! Keep up the good work.

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